VIM Tools Magrail TL 8 in. Long, Blue

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Features & Benefits:

  • Super strong Neodymium magnets hold tools in any position
  • Tools are dropped over round pegs, no twisting or locking necessary
  • Super low profile, only adds 3/16" to socket height
  • Sockets can be placed as close together or as far apart as user desires
  • Base is also magnetic and will hold fast to any magnetic surface

Magrail-TL's are completely customizable. Technicians can add or remove socket studs to fit his needs and set configurations. Socket studs are round so there is no need to locate the square drive, just drop it over the round peg. To remove, just  tilt the socket and lift, tilting breaks the super strong magnetic pull.
The Magrail-TL has a powerful magnetic force on both the top and bottom of the rail and will hold securely all sockets even overhead!!

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